Complaints Policy

We are keen on providing excellent customer service and maintaining a healthy customer relationship at all levels of our Company. If You are not satisfied with our Services, please contact Us and We will do our best to suggest a solution to the problem encountered.

General terms:

  • Company, We, Us – HIVELINQ LTD ( registration address 22-26 Ammochostou, C43, 7040, Larnaca, Cyprus)
  • Customer, You – a natural or legal person to whom the Company provides financial services
  • Consumer – a natural person who contracts with Us for purposes other than business, trade or professional (for personal, family or household needs)
  • Complaint – a written request from You stating that Your rights or legitimate interests have been violated in relation to the services provided by Us and requesting to satisfy Your requirements
  • Response – a written reply regarding the questions/requirements raised by You

Please note that the complaint must be submitted no later than within 3 months after becoming aware of a violation of Your rights or legitimate interests.

You can provide a complaint:

  • By email [email protected];
  • By registered mail at the address Ammochostou, C43, 7040, Larnaca, Cyprus.

You shall provide a complaint according to our standard Complaint form.

If the information contained in the Form is deemed insufficient to adequately assess the situation, We will contact You via the preferred method of contact You chose in the Form.

Complaint shall be provided in Lithuanian or English language. Response will be provided in the same language as the complaint.

If the complaint is provided by Your representative, please additionally provide a power of attorney.

The complaint will be investigated and the response will be provided within 15 (fifteen) business days as of its receipt, unless the response cannot be provided within 15 (fifteen) days due to reasons beyond Our control. In this case We will inform You about the reasons for the delay and the final deadline. In any case, the deadline for the final response will not exceed 35 (thirty-five) business days.

If Your complaint is not satisfied, is partially satisfied or You have not received a response from Us, You have the right to apply to the court of the Republic of Romania.

If You are a legal person and You have well-founded suspicions that We have breached certain provisions of legal acts on the financial market,

You can also apply to the European online dispute resolution website.

Your complaint, Our response and all leading documents will be stored for 5 years from the provision of Our final response to You, unless other legal acts provide for longer retention periods.Ammochostou, C43, 7040, Larnaca, Cyprus