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HIVELINQ is a modern payment platform for your contemporary international business. We offer an integrated solution to make international wire transfers, collect funds from customers and manage finances. Whether you are a starting sole trader or an established international e-commerce platform we have a solution that is tailored to your needs.

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Individual IBAN

Take advantage of a unique international bank account number that we designate for you or your business. With HIVELINQ you can start collecting payments immediately after you open free IBAN account online. At the same time, you can also start making SEPA transfers between European countries and global SWIFT payments.

Our self-service platform was built to bring you full transparency, maximum security, and absolute control over your daily payments. So you can access and manage your private or corporate finances 24/7 from both desktop and mobile devices.

Open an account now and benefit from HIVELINQ - a comprehensive payment platform designed with your needs in mind.

SWIFT payments

After you open an account Verifo enables multi-currency payments for you. With our internet banking solution, you can make reasonably-priced international payments in 35 currencies while at the same time enjoying great exchange rates. Most importantly, your SWIFT transactions are executed in the same transparent, secure, and controlled manner as SEPA payments.

Use HIVELINQ to send money to bank accounts worldwide. Easy, fast, and cost-effective.

Debit Card

HIVELINQ debit card is integrated into the app so you can control your spending, block and retire the card instantly. The only spending limits are the ones you set yourself and the card is accepted worldwide.

Coming soon.

E-Commerce Hub

HIVELINQ has developed a simple, yet comprehensive checkout for our Merchant clients. Easy to integrate into any webpage it covers credit card processing, local payments and other favorite platforms.

SEPA transfers

For international transactions between European countries, we offer to choose SEPA payments. It allows conducting international Euro payments in the member states of EU and EEA exclusively. As it is a specialized payment system, it is designed to be very affordable and convenient. To make SEPA payment all you have to do is enter a couple of details: IBAN, beneficiary name, and the amount you wish to transfer. Then, simply click “Send” and your transaction completed.

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Open Banking offers a new age possibility to reimagine relationships with peoples financial services and their data.

Through collaboration and taking advantage of new APIs; banks, fintechs and other service providers can combine their individual strengths to enable a simple and seamless experience.

With Open Banking already on the way to becoming Open Finance, and fintech already becoming embedded in our day to day lives, now is the time to explore how you can make a change