Prohibited Products & Services

Prohibited Product and Services List

The Prohibited Product and Services List (“Prohibited Product List”) describes the acceptable use of the services provided to Hivelinq’s users and customers by Hivelinq. Hivelinq may decline, suspend, or terminate your use of Hivelinq services or reject to onboard you as a client in accordance with the Prohibited Product List. The Prohibited Product List below outlines several categories of services or products that Hivelinq will not support. Please review this policy and ensure that your business practices, products and services are compliant with this Prohibited Product List. Please note that Hivelinq has the right to update and modify this list at any time without prior notice. This list is merely representative, but not exhaustive. In other words, your business practices, products and services may not be approved by Hivelinq regardless of whether they appear below. By signing up for a Hivelinq account, you agree that you will not use Hivelinq ‘s services to accept payments for sale of any Prohibited Products.

Prohibited Product and Services:

5962 Direct Marketing – Travel Related Arrangements Services
N1 Traders who accept the prepayment in more than one year (any product or service)
N10 Fast loans (excluding financial institutions)
N11 Chain messages (the type of service through which a message is sent to persuade the recipient to make copies of the message and forward them to a larger number of people)
N12 Cash collection institutions
N13 Claims recovery agencies or firms
N14 Credit card/identity protection service
N15 Restore your bank credit score
N16 Refinancing, credit recovery or settlement services
N17 Drugs of any kind
N18 License creation services
N19 Warranty extension companies
N2 Adult products or services including( ex: Bestiality, Infant pornography, Necrophilia, Incest, Violence and violence, B.D.S.M. )
N20 Fines
N21 Guarantees/Protection against forced execution
N22 Pretenders, riddles/clairvoyants
N23 File Transmission/File Storage/Cloud Storage and other P2P software
N24 Firearms, weapons and/or ammunition of any kind
N25 Government scholarships
N26 DVD/Blu-ray disc decoding tools
N27 Herbs for consumption and herbal incense
N28 Illegal gambling distributed online, by phone or mail
N29 Lifetime subscriptions (any product or service)
N3 Any illegal product / service or providing peripheral support for illegal activities
N30 Medical benefits packages (including discount medical cards)
N31 Marijuana pharmacies (and other related services)
N32 Traders involved in any kind of activity prohibited by card schemes
N33 Traders who adopt cross selling techniques, sharing the cardholder’s confidential data with third parties, or receiving the confidential data of the third-party cardholder.
N34 Traders who sell the value-stored cards for transactions made in the absence of the card
N35 Traders who practice any form of deception in marketing practices
N36 Any technology product that infringes intellectual property rights (rewrite chips, etc.)
N37 Changes in Mortgages or Credits, Mortgage Redemption Services
N38 Multi-level Marketing or Pyramid Schemes with the primary goal of recruiting new distributors and not selling products / services.
N39 Credits in advance
N40 Pharmacies, prescription drug retailers or Prescription Discounts.
N41 PC support services, registry cleaning software and bug fixes.
N42 Fac-simile currency
N43 Counterfeit Design Products / Replicas (except furniture)
N44 Substances that simulate the effects of illegal drugs (including herbs for consumption and herbal incense)
N45 Commerce start-ups accepting orders by mail or telephone
N46 Sites that promote hate, racism or religious persecution
N47 Time sharing and / or time sharing promotion services
N48 Win a House
N5 Devices for circumvention of encrypted content (TV, cable, pay-per-view programs)
N6 Anti-virus and cleaning software (except known brands)
N7 Services with automatic activation of a periodic subscription for the following industries ( Nutraceuticals, Pseudo-pharmaceutical, Cosmetics/beauty products , Medical instruments and products)
N8 Business Opportunities or Quick Investment Schemes (including online search/ad optimization)
N9 Money gifts