HIVELINQ SRL services are provided by Verified Payments JSC which is EU regulated Electronic Money Institution offering SWIFT and SEPA payments to international companies. We have completed the licensing processes, regulatory and infrastructure integrations and the development of a modern payment software so you would not have to. Become an officials Authorized Partner to issue IBAN's for your clients, obtain access to the EU market and expand your product offering with HIVELINQ.

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What you get

Whether you are starting with a logo or have an established business our White-label Solution can give you access to the EEA and EU regions, expand your payment channels and open new horizons.

In addition to SEPA and SWIFT payments, our payment platform includes local payments, card acquiring and e-commerce apps.

Our API allows you to control payments, issue multi-currency IBAN's and receive status updates in an instant.

Licence vs. White-label

TimeframeMore than year8-12 weeks
Capital requirements350,000 €None
Integration with regulatory authoritiesExtensiveNone
StaffAdministrative, Compliance & Business developmentBusiness development
ScopeIndependent businessAgent of existing EMI

White-label package contains

  • Issue IBANs to your customer.

  • Dedicated EUR and multi-currency accounts.

  • Local payments(payment initiation).

  • Instant balance updates.

  • SEPA instant without any correspondent banks.

  • Virtual and physical card programme.

  • Control your customer fees.

  • Access to 31 SEPA countries.

No need to build your own Business

Creating your own FinTech

1-2 years

  • Compliance & Legal department;

  • IT department;

  • Sales & Marketing department;

  • Customer Support department;

  • Offices;

  • Membership with SEPA and SWIFT;

  • Accounting & Financial audit;

  • Compliance audit AML & anti-fraud systems;

  • Development of front-office (online & mobile banking);

  • Etc.

White-label from Hivelinq

1-2 months

  • Sales & Marketing department;

  • Your Logo

Authorized partner

  • Grow your business across the EU market.

  • White-label our internet banking and an app with your design.

  • Be listed on official webpage of the European regulator.

  • Control your processes and procedures.

  • Expand your partnerships and channels with a new Status.

  • Reap the benefits of the partnership with constant improvements and advancement.

Partnership levels

Authorized partner status from central bank

Access to EU and EEA customers

SEPA payment automation

IBAN issuance

Compliance toolkit

Administrative platform

Branded internet banking

All of our current and payment channels